About me

Hi! My name is Dami, I build geospatial and data analytics products. I’m currently building Brixlar, a platform to increase information transparency, affordability, and convenience to the Nigerian real estate industry. Watch out for more information about this in the coming months.

In my day job, I lead Geographic Information & Data Analytics business at eHealth Africa, supporting my team to create geospatial analytics products and services from our existing resources and capabilities.

In the past, I worked at Field Dynamics (previously Dotted Eyes), helped to build, manage and grow the miso portal. Prior to this, I worked at Wilmington Healthcare and London Borough of Camden.

I have a passion for improving the educational system in Africa and believe that we can reduce poverty by getting more people educated, as a result of this, I support OpenFees, to get as many children as possible through high school.

I speak about data analytics, geospatial technology & open source technology. I also love to read books. I hope to do more writing about my experiences in leadership, startups, and data analytics. I hope you will find a few of my thoughts helpful. When I get some free time, I support Arsenal FC, despite the heartbreaks!

You can find me Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin or you can simply email me.